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Why Do You Need Cherry Picker Hire Brisbane?

Working height 20m Cherry Picker in Use for Shopping Centre Signage

Cherry pickers — we’ve seen these hydraulic cranes before. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have them, electrical companies have them, and any business that does installation has them.

But why should you hire a cherry picker for your business, and how can you benefit from it? Let’s first tackle what this machine does.

What is a Cherry Picker?

A cherry picker is industrially called an Elevating Working Platform, or an EWP. It contains a basket that is hydraulically lifted upward. The basket is big enough for at least one or two people to fit in. With a varying degree of styles and types of lifting mechanisms (such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, etc.), an EWP hire Brisbane service can reach great heights while in operation.

What a cherry picker does is that it allows the person in the basket to be able to ‘pick’ things from great heights. With such a heavy-duty machine at your disposal, maybe now you’re wondering why you should avail of a cherry picker for your business.

1. They Improve Worker Safety

Instead of having any workers climb to dangerous heights using ladders, hiring a cherry picker can reduce the danger. The former can only reach a few metres and are pretty precarious, but the latter can easily reach even greater heights safely. 

Ladders only provide a limited amount of access and, compared to a cherry picker, are more of a hassle. You will be moving up and down repeatedly because you may not have the needed tools or items for the job at hand, and this can lead to confusion or an accident.

2. It is More Flexible to Hire One than to Buy One

Rather than buying one, a cherry picker hire Brisbane service allows you the freedom to call Quick Lift QLD when you choose. When you hire a cherry picker, you do not have to provide storage for it, you can simply call Steve at Quick Lift QLD and he will meet you onsite. This allows you to focus on your business goals rather than worry about storing and maintaining a cherry picker for occasional use.

3. You Can Use It Anytime

Choose when you want to use it, and where you want to use it. If your business needs signage maintenance or, a cherry picker is the right equipment for the job.

4. A Cherry Picker’s Purpose is to Elevate

Using a cherry picker will allow you to complete a versatile number of tasks mid-air. This will come in quite handy in businesses that involve construction or repair.

If your company is in need of some more creatively-involved work, taking your cameraman on a cherry picker for that overhead shot for your AVP is no problem. Anything and anyone can be mounted in its basket: lighting, tools, paint, cleaning products—you name it.

Bring Your Business to Greater Heights

Whether you work in the cleaning business, the electrical industry, internet installation, or anything else that might need that extra height boost, consider hiring yourself a cherry picker.

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