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Uses for a cherry picker or boom lift

Cherry pickers and boom lifts are incredibly versatile Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) and are essential on any work site.

Here at Quick Lift QLD, we have cherry pickers readily available. There is always a high demand for this versatile piece of equipment. EWPs offer safety and security when working at heights. As such, they are a far more effective alternative compared to scaffolding. Cherry pickers and boom lifts are easily set up and are quick to move around a worksite. In summary, you will save money hiring an EWP, as well as time to get a job done accurately and safely.

Examples of Applications:

Building maintenance and construction:

Primarily, this can include reaching in difficult or awkward places to make repairs, replace lighting, installing security cameras and painting. In fact, cherry pickers and boom lifts are the safer alternative to reaching these places without sacrificing the handling of tools and equipment needed for the job. Also, the manoeuvrability of cherry pickers allows for greater accuracy.

Signage Installation:

Cherry pickers and boom lifts are extremely useful for signage installation as this equipment can help you reach extreme heights. In addition, using these EWPs can assist with the number of tools needed to be used at the height without the fuss of constantly returning down.

Servicing telephones and electricity poles:

Cherry pickers and boom lifts can assist in fixing streetlights, powerlines and servicing telephone poles or electricity poles easily, quickly, and safely. Because of this, these EWP provide adequate vertical elevation for the job and greater level of safety and comfort compared to using ladders or scaffolding.

Filming events:

Utilising a cherry picker and boom lift to film events can assist with the height and mobility of the job. Consequently, this machinery enables you to capture unique perspective of the event and create interesting shots and a swooping birds eye view.

In summary, these EWPs are extremely flexible in their uses and can help facilitate any job safely and securely.

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