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Top 10 Commercial Uses for EWP’s

Cherry Picker Hire for Eastern Tigers Signage Installation Brisbane

EWPs, also known as cherry pickers, are incredibly versatile equipment with various commercial uses. Initially designed for fruit picking in orchards, these hydraulic cranes have evolved to offer safety and flexibility for multiple industries and applications. Some of the different commercial uses for cherry pickers include:

  1. Utility Work: EWPs are ideal for servicing and repairing overhead cables, telephone or power lines, and street lights. They allow workers to quickly access the proper location and easily navigate overhead obstacles.
  2. Tree Trimming: Cherry pickers are perfect for trimming tall trees in private or public places. They enable workers to reach all areas of the tree that need to be trimmed from the bottom to the very top, ensuring efficient and safe pruning.
  3. Building Painting and Maintenance: An EWP offers a great alternative to scaffolding or ladders for building maintenance and painting. It allows painters or cleaners to position themselves safely and reach various heights, making the job faster and more efficient. The platform also provides a secure space to hold paint and cleaning products.
  4. Window Washing: EWPs are excellent for quickly raising workers to individual windows. They are particularly useful when a building has expansion joints or signage that would hinder traditional scaffolding use.
  5. Roofing or Gutter Repairs: EWPs are perfect for roof and gutter jobs on larger homes and commercial buildings. They allow repair and maintenance without disturbing the area below, such as garden beds, ensuring a successful and damage-free job.
  6. Farm Work: Silos, large barns, and other tall farming equipment require regular maintenance, which can be challenging with ladders on unstable farmland. EWPs provide a secure and stable option for maintenance tasks in agricultural settings.
  7. Filming Events: Cherry pickers are often utilised to film large sporting events, concerts, and other entertainment gatherings. Camera operators can capture unique perspectives from overhead angles, adding creativity and excitement to the footage.
  8. Rescue Work: In emergencies such as fires, cherry pickers facilitate safer rescues by providing vertical elevation to previously inaccessible areas.
  9. Signage: EWPs are useful for signwriting businesses, enabling them to access heights safely and efficiently. They are particularly beneficial for installing height-safety warnings around warehouses or factories to prevent accidents with overhead obstructions.
  10. Fire and Emergency Services: EWPs provide fire services with a platform to reach heights for firefighting and rescue operations, making their tasks quicker and more effective.

The versatility of EWPs has expanded their application across various industries in Brisbane and beyond. From utility work and tree trimming to building maintenance, filming events, and rescue operations, EWPs offer safety, efficiency, and convenience in numerous commercial scenarios. Businesses in Brisbane and other areas continue to recognise the benefits of EWP hire for various tasks, making them an indispensable tool for working at heights and accessing hard-to-reach areas.

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