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The Essential Guide to Cherry Picker Hire Brisbane

Cherry Picker Hire Power Pole Inspection Brisbane

Cherry pickers are a variety of mobile elevated work platforms (EWP), often referred to as a boom lift, which are used to assist people in operating at height securely. With a selection of outreach lengths, platform widths, and working heights to choose from, you’ll always be able to find the proper powered access platform for the task. When it comes to hiring a cherry picker, you have many options because there are several industry-standard cherry picker brands to select from.

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How does a Cherry Picker work?

When operating from a height, a cherry picker is most typically utilised to enable workers the ability to securely reach up and over barriers.

Cherry pickers use an adjustable boom that is raised by a hydraulic crane; thus, the term “boom lift”. This extendable arm is hooked to the bucket of a cherry picker, which is where the boom lift is operated.  The bucket is hoisted by the boom lift’s arm, allowing the operator to reach difficult locations or heights with care.

It will come as no surprise to find that cherry pickers were first used in harvesting fruit, which gives you an indication of the type of tasks a cherry picker is ideal for – reaching heights that demand more flexibility. They are a far safer option than other means of working at height, such as ladders or scaffolding.

How are Cherry Pickers used?

Cherry pickers are commonly utilised in securely and effectively undertaking projects which involve working at great heights. Because cherry pickers are such a flexible piece of equipment, they’re likely to be utilised for a variety of tasks; this includes construction, building maintenance, lighting and security camera installation as well as in fire & rescue scenarios and even cinematography.

A cherry picker enables the operator to be securely and safely raised into the air without fear of overreaching.

Are there other Tools for the Task?

Cherry pickers are often compared to Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts. The distinctions between a cherry picker and a boom lift are minor, and the two names are sometimes used interchangeably. They both include a bucket linked to an extensible arm that allows the user to operate safely and securely at height. Boom lifts are frequently self-propelled, allowing them to move around once they’ve been lifted, whereas cherry pickers are frequently hauled between places and can’t be moved once they’ve been raised. As a result, cherry pickers are regarded to be easier to operate, yet any operator needs to know how to set outriggers down securely and effectively in order to operate a static cherry picker safely.

So, what’s the difference between scissor lifts and boom lifts? Scissor lifts are intended to be driven at a safe height and function vertically. This allows the operator to get up close and personal with the work area. Multiple people can be raised at the same time since scissor lifts often have a wider platform – ideal for lower-level work. A cherry picker has a substantially higher operating height than a scissor lift because of the boom’s outreach. Cherry pickers are also ideal for getting to hard-to-reach spots since the boom may be manoeuvred around obstacles thanks to the extensible arm.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Cherry Picker?

If you need a motorised access platform with a higher outreach capability, a cherry picker is the way to go. There are several various EWPs, each with its own set of benefits, but cherry pickers are the most popular if you need to securely reach tricky spots or access a higher level.

  • When compared to other types of EWPs, they have a greater reach.
  • They’re adaptable and versatile, reaching a wide range of heights and odd locations.
  • EWPs are efficient in terms of time. Instead of wasting time moving your access platform, choose one that can reach difficult locations.
  • A railing surrounds cherry pickers, preventing falls from great heights. When operating at a height, this increased safety is especially significant.
  • Cherry pickers come in a range of sizes and styles to fit practically any application. There’s certain to be a cherry picker to fit your purpose, whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, or require an EWP to assist you to reach heights on challenging terrain.
  • An EWP, such as a cherry picker, is significantly easier to plan and put up than scaffolding.

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