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Do I need a license to use a cherry picker in Brisbane?

Cherry Picker Hire for McDonalds Signage Installation Brisbane

If you’re looking into cherry picker hire in Brisbane for your commercial premises or work site, you need to ensure that the machine operator is fully licensed. To use any type of elevated work platform (EWP), including cherry pickers and boom lifts, your operator must have completed the appropriate training and hold a valid ticket recognised by the Queensland state authority.

Holding the appropriate High Risk Work (HRW) Licence

All EWP operators in Brisbane and throughout Queensland are required to hold the appropriate High Risk Work (HRW) Licences in line with the boom length of your selected equipment since cherry pickers are subject to rules that may necessitate them. To find a machine operator that best suits your needs, it’s crucial to know the height at which the work needs to be undertaken.

Here at Quick Lift QLD, we offer a ‘wet hire’ service in which the machine is supplied with an experienced operator. This is a great way of renting a cherry picker as the operator has an extremely high level of knowledge of the machine for efficient and time-saving operations.

What is an EWP licence?

The teaching, training, supervision, skills, and knowledge necessary to operate elevated work platforms are covered by a Cherry Picker (EWP) licence. Under current regulations, EWP licences are necessary with machines above 11m as this is considered high risk work. The licence and training and licensing needed for cherry picker hire and other EWPs are largely dependent on the height at which the platforms are required to operate

Platforms over 11 metres

Cherry pickers and other elevating type platforms that extend to over 11 metres in height require a high risk work licence to operate in addition to extensive training pertaining to the specific EWP machine.

Platforms under 11m

Although EWP licences are not mandatory for platforms under 11m, it is still required for operators to hold a yellow card in order to adhere to occupational health and safety regulations. Yellow cards allow operators to utilise cherry pickers, truck mounted lifts, boom lifts and scissor lifts under 11 metres.

What are the dangers using cherry pickers?

When working at height, you run the chance of running into several dangers. These include falls from great heights, being struck by falling objects or being electrocuted by touching live power wires which could cause fatalities or severe injuries.

Unsafe operation of cherry pickers or EWPs can cause severe harm. There is also a possibility that the machine could become unstable and topple over if you lack experience performing this activity, which might seriously hurt you and harm the rental machine. For this reason, cherry pickers use requires an operator with an appropriate licenced. As these licences can be time-consuming and expensive to attain, it is always preferable to hire a cherry picker with an experienced operator to assist you.

At Quick Lift QLD, all our operators are fully qualified and highly skilled, which means you can rest easy, knowing that all dangers are mitigated. This approach to hiring a cherry picker means that we can do all tasks quickly and effectively.

How high do your Brisbane cherry pickers go?

Our versatile cherry picker is a big performer and is ideal for accessing tight work areas. With a working height of 19.7m, our EWP makes for a very versatile package for both light and heavy-duty applications.

It is perfect to use for maintenance and construction and allows you to safely and efficiently access infrastructure such as commercial lighting and security cameras, as well as signage installation.

The small overall dimensions of this machine (2.2m wide) allows easy access down narrow streets and most paths. This machine has an amazingly tight turning circle due to its short wheelbase, resulting in great manoeuvrability in areas with limited access and tight spaces.

The machine can travel at road speed between work areas, making it the ideal choice when conducting mobile inspections/repairs across a network or working on multiple sites.

We offer a ‘wet hire’ service in which the machine is supplied with an experienced operator. This is a great way of renting a cherry picker as the operator has an extremely high level of knowledge of the machine for efficient and time-saving operations.

How much does it cost to hire a cherry picker in Brisbane?

If you’re looking for affordable hire of a cherry picker for a Brisbane project, then look no further than Quick Lift QLD!

The rate you will be charged for hiring a cherry picker in Brisbane and SEQ can be impacted by many factors.

To help you to make an educated choice, make sure you get comprehensive quotes that cover all expenses and services that you will require. At Quick Lift QLD, we offer a free, no-obligation site inspection and quote, and our friendly team can discuss our rates with you Call Stave on 0404 070 585 today!

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