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Commercial Uses For Cherry Picker Hire Brisbane

Cherry Picker Hire Roof Inspection Brisbane

Cherry pickers can be used across a wide range of different industries. Whether you’re working as a site supervisor, commercial electrician or on behalf of a film or TV production, our cherry pickers have more uses than many people realise. Take a look below to see the various sectors, industries and companies that can benefit from hiring a Quick Lift QLD cherry picker.

  • Signage Companies
  • Lighting Companies
  • Commercial Surveyors
  • Telecom Installation Companies
  • Commercial Electrical Companies
  • Security Installation Companies
  • Commercial Painting
  • Roofing Companies
  • Film Companies

If it can be reached by a cherry picker, Quick Lift QLD in Brisbane can supply it.

A cherry picker is usually used to help with industrial or commercial applications that require workers to work at heights. A cherry picker is especially useful when there are tight spaces where it would be difficult for workers to maneuver. The main reason why people hire a cherry picker is because they are much safer than ladders, scaffolding, or other unstable structures. Brisbane employers also use cherry pickers because they saves time and money by reducing the need for materials like wood, metal beams, and concrete which are used for scaffolding.

The term “cherry picker” comes from the fact that it can elevate a person so they can reach high fruits. This equipment is also known as a “cherry picker truck” or “high-reach vehicle”. It has been around since the late 1950s, when it was invented by Hartley Picket right here in Queensland

Our wide range of commercial experience makes us a great choice for your next hard to reach job.

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