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Cherry Pickers VS. Boom Lifts: What’s the difference?

Here at Quick Lift QLD, our aerial lifts are cost effective solutions to scaffolding. However, there is no universal lift for all tasks. There are several types of Elevating Work Platforms (EWP) you can hire such as cherry pickers and boom lifts. The job, location, height, and other factors will determine whether you will need a cherry picker or a boom lift.

Cherry Picker Hire

Cherry Pickers are ideal for high reach maintenance, construction and installation jobs. These hydraulic lift cranes provide a bucket platform for people to stand securely in. Although cherry pickers are traditionally used for building maintenance and construction, they can also be used in the installation of signage, lighting and security cameras. Cherry pickers are an extremely versatile piece of equipment which has increased their hire demand.

In addition, cherry pickers can reach extensive heights, making this one of the most versatile equipment’s to have on site. With a working height of 20 metres our cherry picker EWP is one of the most effective tools to hire for high reach jobs.

Boom Lift Hire

Booms lifts provide a similar application, however, the difference between the two applications can be determined by the job required. However, when considering a boom lift the disadvantages must be considered. The most significant is the boom lift has a smaller platform which accommodates fewer workers and materials. In addition, boom lifts are more expensive compared to other EWPs. There are many fundamental differences between a cherry picker and boom lift, when considering these EWP’s, the pros and cons of each application should be weighed.

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