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Cherry Picker hire for Commercial Signage, Lighting & Electrical Services

Cherry Picker Hire Brisbane Truck Mounted

Cherry Pickers are hired for a great range of commercial services; these include signage, lighting and electrical installations and maintenance. Office buildings with tall ceilings and multi-story exteriors are common in todays work-environment; however, these can create complications in terms of the installation of electrical fixtures and the maintenance of these systems.

For businesses with warehouses or factories, this is also a problem, particularly when making adjustments over expensive factory equipment.

In these situations a fully qualified and licensed operator with a Cherry Picker Hire is important. Any Cherry Picker that has a capacity over 11m requires a fully certified operator to manage the machine under all circumstances. At Quick Lift we can provide these services whilst also providing a set of safety harnesses, witches hats, safety signs and tool buckets to assist you with your works.

Cherry Picker Hire for Sign Installation and Maintenance

Designing and developing a show stopping sign is always exciting for a business, and a great way to attract customers. Once you have the design and production sorted, the next step is to figure out where to place the sign to best capture your audience. Often the best placement tends to be too high or too out of reach to manage without equipment hire.

For signage installation and maintenance, using a cherry picker is often the best method, and it’s something that Quick Lift specialise in. We have managed many signage installations and maintenance work for businesses in the Brisbane region.

Cherry Picker Hire for Lighting

How many cherry pickers does it take to change a lightbulb? Only one! Our cherry pickers are even available for hire 24/7 and 365 days of the year!

While changing a lightbulb may seem simple, for businesses with factories or large corporate offices, it’s not always the case. Many lighting systems are implemented in high ceilings and require a cherry picker to access the light fitting. Rest assured that Quick Lift cherry pickers can help you get the task done.

Cherry Picker Hire for Commercial Electrical Installation and Maintenance

Like sign and lighting projects, commercial electrical installations in warehouses and factories often require cherry pickers due to the height of the spaces. Not only does a cherry picker provide a platform for a safe working environment for electricians, but they also give workers a platform with enough space to bring their tools with them to cut down working time.

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