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How much does it cost to hire a Cherry Picker?

Cherry Picker Hire Brisbane Used During Filming for Channel 7 News When thinking about the cost of hiring a Cherry Picker, multiple factors can come into play. Cherry Picker Hire Cost can change greatly with different suppliers and what you receive is vastly different. If you would like to know an exact cost for cherry picker hire, contact us today! We’d love to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Cherry pickers are an extremely versatile piece of equipment which has increased their hire demand.

In addition, cherry pickers can reach extensive heights, making this one of the most versatile equipment’s to have on site. With a working height of 20 metres our cherry picker EWP is one of the most effective tools to hire for high reach jobs.

Factors Effecting Cherry Picker Hire Cost

The efficiency gained from hiring a cherry picker can dramatically reduce costs as you often require our equipment for a shorter period of time. However, the cost of hiring a cherry picker is often dictated by several factors. Hence, you need to assess the following factors:

  • The height and size of the work area.
  • How many levels of access is needed.
  • Whether there is a need for roof cover.
  • Access issues.
  • If there is a need to bridge areas.
  • The quality and quantity of materials.
  • Your geographical location.

Is your quote for ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ hire?

When you compare quotes for Cherry Picker Hire, it is important to consider what is included. Firstly, we offer a ‘wet hire’ service in which the machine is supplied with an experienced operator. This is a great way of renting a cherry picker as the operator has an extremely high level of knowledge of the machine for efficient and time saving operations. Secondly, we provide a set of safety harnesses, witches hats, safety signs and tool buckets to assist you with your works. Finally, we are available 24 /7 so you can do your work when it works best for you.

As outlined above, pricing is very complex. For a no obligation assessment and free quote call us today!

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