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An Important Checklist For Cherry Picker Hire In SE Queensland

Cherry Picker Hire for PGR Signage Installation Brisbane

There are several factors to take into account when it comes to cherry picker hire in Brisbane to make sure you get the right EWP to complete your job quickly while taking into account all safety considerations. Learn all about working height, outreach, terrain, platform capacity and wind conditions. Here is Quick Lift QLD’s checklist of what you need to know:

Working Height

Working heights are determined by adding two metres to the maximum platform height. This is crucial since using the incorrect height platform might result in delays and additional expenditures. Always measure and evaluate the height required for the project to ensure the appropriate EWP or cherry picker is chosen. You can view Quick Lift QLD’s working height measurements here.


Outreach is a crucial factor to take into account when hiring a cherry picker Brisbane. A cherry pickers’ maximum outreach is calculated from the centre of the slew ring. If you’re painting, using a roller will give you a little more reach, but if the operator needs to utilise a heavy tool, allow a little more room so the operator doesn’t need to extend beyond a safe distance.


Even though checking the ground conditions where you’ll be utilising the platform may not be one of the first things that come to mind when considering cherry picker rental, doing so will ultimately save you time and money. Equipment will be impacted by slopes, rocky terrain, or wet terrain. Please give Steve and the friendly team at Quick Lift QLD a call before your job to talk to us about the specifics of the ground conditions so that we can provide you with appropriate advice. You can also rest assured that our operators will be able to assess the conditions and set up the cherry picker correctly to ensure safety.

Platform Capacity

Always take the cherry picker’s safe working load into account when hiring a cherry picker Brisbane. Determine the total weight of the workers, including any tools and equipment and compare this weight to the “safe working load” of the cherry picker. The cage’s weight affects how far you can reach; the lesser the weight, the farther you can safely reach. Our operators will be able to evaluate this onsite but please notify us beforehand if you have any heavy equipment.

Wind Conditions

It’s risky to operate a cherry picker in strong winds since they might become unstable and perhaps even unsafe for opertation. Every cherry picker, is built to work in specific winds up to a maximum speed; please check with our team if there is strong wind forecasted for your day/s of hire.

An anemometer may be used to measure wind speeds, and it’s crucial to keep in mind that wind speed rises with height and may be 50% larger at a height of 20 metres above sea level. The wind speed in a given area can be influenced by nearby structures, tall cars, and even the slipstreams of flying objects.

Indoor or Outdoor?

When working indoors it is important to consider any additional constraints regarding access to the structure/s. Take note of how the most narrow space the machine will have to fit through or does it need to make any tight turns? You can walk the route with a tape measure to be sure. Please let us know if there are any specifications you have for non-marking wheels or tyres.

When working outside, remember to verify the previously specified ground conditions, outreach, and wind rating for cherry pickers. Space constraints may also be relevant so please take note of this when hiring your cherry picker Brisbane.

Who’s Operating?

All Quick Lift QLD’s cherry pickers come with a fully trained machine operator to ensure the cherry picker is operated safely and to standard.


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