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Benefits of Hiring a Cherry Picker with an Experienced Operator

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Without the correct tools, working at heights is difficult and dangerous. You may rent a small cherry picker for the day to do the job, but are you certain you can operate the machine securely and effectively while finishing the job at the same time?

Unsafe operation of cherry pickers or EWPs can cause severe harm. There is also a possibility that the machine could become unstable and topple over if you lack experience performing this activity, which might seriously hurt you and harm the rental machine. For this reason, cherry pickers use requires an operator with an appropriate licenced. As these licences can be time-consuming and expensive to attain, it is always preferable to hire a cherry picker with an experienced operator to assist you.

At Quick Lift QLD, we provide a “wet hire” service where the equipment is hired with the addition of a highly skilled operator. This is a terrific approach to hiring a cherry picker since the operator is very knowledgeable about the equipment and can do tasks quickly and effectively.

What our Cherry Picker Wet Hire services offer to you:

Cherry pickers allow workers access to high areas, elevating them on a secure platform to eliminate any height challenges which make the task difficult to accomplish from the ground. Hiring a cherry picker in Brisbane which comes with an experienced operator allows you to use both hands to complete your task without being distracted monitoring the cherry picker equipment. As this allows you to complete tasks more efficiently and securely, many people opt to hire their cherry picker hire Brisbane with a qualified and licenced operator.

Characteristics of a skilled Cherry Picker Operator:

A qualified operator of a cherry picker is trained to take a number of factors into account in order to secure the safety of themself, customers, and equipment. This involves ensuring that crucial safety precautions and laws are followed. In line with training and certification, operators also make sure that the equipment is correctly operated, well-maintained, and routinely repaired.

Here are some essential operator characteristics which make our Quick Lift QLD team highly skilled:

Critical Thinking

Whether its monitoring the ground conditions, conducting a site inspection or solving any issues that may arise, our Quick Lift QLD cherry picker operators utilise critical thinking skills to think quickly on their feet. It is essential to use logic, reasoning, and expertise to solve any problems quickly and efficiently. The operator needs to immediately analyse the situation in order to make the proper decision and take action to avoid any potential obstacles for the safety of those on-site.

Knowledge of Controls

Knowledge and familiarity of the machine’s controls is what makes an excellent cherry picker operator. Operating a cherry picker efficiently and securely requires equipment mastery and this comes from experience and training. Knowledgeable cherry picker operators are able to climb heights swiftly and precisely to reach the desired location for the task at hand. This expertise guarantees you are not placed in circumstances where the results might be harmful to you or the equipment you are working with.

Focused Attention

Working with a cherry picker operator who pays close attention to the safety meetings, toolbox discussions, SWMS, and workplace health and safety guidelines is essential. At all times, operators must be completely informed of what is going on in the bucket as well as above and below the machine. A smart operator makes sure communication is essential by paying attention to and clearly replying to clients, workers, or site supervisors.

Cherry Picker Maintenance

For an operator to be recertified, they must complete maintenance every three months and have the machine’s major service performed every ten years. Regular pre-start inspections must be carried out by the operator before starting every task, and if any problems develop, they must be reported in writing in the logbook, fixed, and approved before the equipment is used again. A skilled cherry picker operator knows how to spot problems quickly by comprehending how the equipment functions and the components that go into it. At Quick Lift QLD, in order to maintain and offer our clients a safe service, maintenance inspections and procedures are performed regularly.

Coordination and Efficiency

An operator’s ability to coordinate quick and efficient cherry picker services for clients is another essential skill. In order to make sure the client has the appropriate equipment for the task at hand, a skilled cherry picker operator will conduct a site inspection to assess the height and reach required, the ground levels needed to set up on as well as the weather conditions. A competent cherry picker operator will be able to set up fast, guarantee the client’s safety, help them by swiftly transporting them to the necessary height for the task at hand, and then safely lower them back down.


Hiring a truck mounted cherry picker with an experienced operator you can easily work with will save you time, energy, and ultimately money. Hiring a cherry picker where you have to pick it up, transport and set it up yourself as well as gain and maintain your licence to operate the machine yourself, and then return the equipment after the job wastes precious time and money. At Quick Lift QLD our “wet hire” service allows you to gain efficient and safe access to heights while taking all the responsibility off your shoulders.


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