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Cherry Picker Hire SEQ

Fast, Reliable Cherry Picker Hire and Rental. Servicing Brisbane, Ipswich, the Redlands, Moreton Bay, the Sunshine Coast & Logan.

At Quick Lift Qld, we’ve been providing cherry picker hire and truck mounted EWP rental to the Brisbane and surrounding suburbs and all areas of South East Queensland since 2005. We’re available 24/7 so you can get your job doneat a time and price that suits you.

Quick Lift Qld provides a fully qualified licensed operator with every Cherry Picker Hire / EWP Hire. Any Cherry Picker with a capacity over 11m requires a fully certified operator to manage the machine under all circumstances.

Quick Lift Qld Pty Ltd is a proud family owned and operated local business specialising in Truck Mounted Cherry Picker Hire SEQ to a working height of 20m. 

Cherry Picker Hire SEQ Filming for Channel 7 News

Quick Lift tick all the boxes.

We can provide access solutions for all those tight to reach places and specialize in the the following industries.
Cherry Picker Hire SEQ

Signage installation and maintenance

Plumbing installation and maintenance


Cherry Picker Hire SEQ


Cherry Picker Hire SEQ


Commercial cleaning

Building maintenance

Bridge maintenance

Cherry Picker Hire SEQ

Filming and photography

Antennae work

Service station work

Cherry Picker Hire SEQ


At Quick Lift QLD, we provide all the equipment necessary to make it easy for you to get the job done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Call Quick Lift QLD today for all the answers.
What are the Rates for ‘Wet’ Cherry Picker Hire in SEQ?

The rate you will be charged for hiring a cherry picker across SEQ can be impacted by many factors. These include the length of the rental, whether its ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ hire, associated travel/transport costs, seasonal demand and more. 

Cherry Picker Hire costs can change greatly with different suppliers and what you receive can be vastly different. If you’re looking for affordable hire of a cherry picker for a SEQ project, then look no further than Quick Lift QLD!

If you would like to know an exact cost for your cherry picker hire needs, contact us today! We’d love to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

What are the Most Important Things to Consider When Hiring?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to cherry picker hire in SEQ to ensure you get the right EWP to complete your job quickly while taking into account all safety considerations. These include working height, outreach, terrain, platform capacity and wind conditions. Read more about the essential cherry picker hire Brisbane factors!

Why Hire A Cherry Picker With An Operator In SEQ?

Without the correct tools, working at heights is difficult and dangerous. You may rent a small cherry picker for the day to do the job, but are you certain you can operate the machine securely and effectively while finishing the job at the same time?

At Quick Lift QLD, we provide a “wet hire” service where the equipment is hired with the addition of a highly skilled operator. This is a terrific approach to hiring a cherry picker since the operator is very knowledgeable about the equipment and can do tasks quickly and effectively. It also saves you the time and cost of attaining a Chery Picker operating licence yourself. 

Hiring a truck-mounted cherry picker with an experienced operator you can easily work with will save you time, energy, and, ultimately money. At Quick Lift QLD our “wet hire” service allows you to gain efficient and safe access to heights while taking all the responsibility off your shoulders.

What are the Benefits Of Cherry Picker Hire Vs. Buying?

When deciding whether to buy or rent a cherry picker, evaluating how rapidly technology evolves is important. New features and smaller versions with greater power and reach will likely be available before you make the final payment on a cherry-picker for your business operations. Quick Lift QLD has the right cherry picker to get the job done in SEQ, and we pride ourselves on keeping our fleet updated with the latest technology.

When you hire with Quick Lift QLD, you receive affordable and efficient Chery Picker hire in SEQ. You can benefit from access to well-maintained machinery, an experienced operator, complete hire flexibility and access to the right machinery for your project – all with cost and time-saving advantages. Read more about the benefits of hiring a cherry picker in SEQ!

Can I use a Cherry Picker for Commercial Uses?

Cherry Pickers are hired for a great range of commercial services; these include signage, lighting and electrical installations and maintenance. Whether you’re working as a site supervisor, commercial electrician or on behalf of a film or TV production, our cherry pickers have more uses than many people realise.

For example, office buildings with tall ceilings and multi-story exteriors are standard in today’s work environment; however, these can create complications in installing electrical fixtures and maintaining these systems. When it comes to commercial electrical work, lighting installation and maintenance, you need a quick and reliable lifting service that saves you time and money.

Our highly trained cherry picker operators have vast experience across a range of commercial uses and can provide cherry picker hire services in SEQ for any commercial electrical, lighting, signage, roofing, telecom, painting and maintenance applications. 

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Cherry Picker Hire SEQ for McDonalds Signage Installation Brisbane

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