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What is a Boom Lift?

A boom lift is a type of aerial work platform, or elevated work platform (EWP) used by people to reach and access high places. In addition, they sometimes have different names including cherry picker, man lift, elevated work platform, EWP, basket crane, bucket lift, and bucket crane.

Furthermore, they are made up of a platform, or a bucket and a long articulating crane, that is run by a hydraulic lifting system. The crane is also attached to the bucket at one end and a ground base at the bottom end. Sometimes Cherry Picker’s and EWP’s are mounted on a truck or van, the bucket is designed to safely allow one or two people to work at heights. 

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Works best for hard to reach areas

There are many different kinds of elevate work platforms and lifts. However this type of lift works especially well for hard to reach areas. Similarly, there are also lifts and cherry pickers that specialize in different applications.

These lifts can be used in many different industries in everyday life. For example, firefighters use these on the back of their fire trucks instead of ladders. In fact, they are much quicker to set up and more efficient in an emergency. In addition, other businesses use them for things like window cleaning, construction, foresting, mining, painting, electrical and cable repair, and even gardening! Furthermore, some highly manicured gardens require their manicurist to use a lift to trim and shape garden trees. In addition, boom lifts are even used in the film and movie industry. For example, they are used to suspend large lights over stages and settings. Also, they are used by directors to get a birds eye view of the stage and setting.

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Cherry Picker Hire Service

At Quick Lift QLD we take safety seriously. All lifts are regularly maintained every 3 months and meet workplace occupational safety standards.

Quick Lift Qld Pty Ltd provides a fully qualified licensed operator with every hire. Any lift that has a capacity over 11m requires a fully certified operator to manage the machine under all circumstances. Each job Quick Lift Qld Pty Ltd will provide a set of safety harnesses, witches hats, safety signs and tool buckets to assist you with your works.

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At Quick Lift QLD, we provide all the equipment necessary to make it easy for you to get the job done!

Quick Lift tick all the boxes.

We can provide access solutions for all those tight to reach places and specialize in the the following industries.

Signage installation and maintenance

Plumbing installation and maintenance




Commercial cleaning

Building maintenance

Bridge maintenance

Filming and photography

Antennae work

Service station work


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